Choosing To File For Personal Injury CompensationChoosing To File For Personal Injury Compensation

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Choosing To File For Personal Injury Compensation

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Seek Legal Assistance For A Cruise Ship Injury

Poorly designed architectural features and improper maintenance can lead to a slip-and-fall incident while aboard a cruiseliner. An attorney who handles maritime cases will dissect the incident that you have reported and prepare testimony that will prove you were a victim.

The Inspections That Were Performed

Cruise ship inspections ensure that a watercraft is safe for passengers to board. Your attorney may focus their attention on when ship inspections were previously performed. Inspection records will indicate if any infractions resulted in the cruise ship company being mandated to make corrections. If an attorney can prove that the proper corrections were not made, they will unveil this information during a preliminary hearing. 

Features And Maintenance

The architectural features of a boat can have an impact on how often injuries occur. Your attorney will investigate how frequently the cruise ship was serviced. They may seek information about any modifications that were made to the ship. Inferior structural materials or the use of an inadequate maintenance plan could have contributed to your becoming injured.

During your stay on the cruiseliner, there may have not been enough staff members on board to monitor all of the common areas where guests spent their time. Video surveillance that was recorded on the cruise ship can substantiate the claim that you were injured due to negligence. The surveillance footage will be reviewed during a scheduled court hearing.

Other Incidents That Involved The Ship

Your attorney will research past lawsuits that involved injuries that occurred on the ship. There may be some trends that indicate that a specific type of injury occurred multiple times. The research that your attorney conducts may include acquiring incident reports that were made during an active cruise. If you were medically treated while aboard the cruise ship, the records that pertain to your injury and your treatment may be presented during a formal court hearing. 

The Outcome Of Your Case

If you win your case, you may be awarded money that will cover the cost that you initially paid for your cruise ticket. If you are not eligible to receive compensation for the entire ticket, you may receive a refund for part of the cost of the ticket.

If your injury required you to pay fees for medical care or medication, the cruise ship company may be ordered to pay for these costs. The insurance policy that a cruise ship company has will cover the costs associated with the monetary amount that you are awarded.

To learn more, contact a cruise ship passenger accident injury attorney.